Together we will Stand to keep our Vincentian culture alive!

After four years of preparations and planning, the time is now for us as emerging artists and cultural workers to explore and exchange views, skills and inspirations within St Vincent and The Grenadines and all over the world.


Our project is mainly empowered by people through art and culture, connecting sources of knowledge and developing creative programs to provide a better future for our youth.


Our natural environment is very important to our lifestyle.  Therefore in order to conserve the natural beauty and protect our beautiful landscape, we strive to educate the next generation and encourage them to make a difference.

Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org
Rose Hall Cultural & Development Org

Because we want to develop our culture for a better future!

A happy future is serious business. Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization             (RHCDO) works in patnership with Richmond Vale Academy (RVA), neighbors, communities abroad, companies and organizations which care about our environement and future.

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We need your support

We Don’t think about it,


Small steps by us to protect our cultural wealth and fragile planet, with Sustainable Tourism's in Rose Hall. We have been working really hard together with the community from 2008 to make our dream come true but now we want to go a step forward and for that we need a helping hand, any kind of volunteering or donation will always be appreciated and it will be returned by some actions that we will do around St Vincent and follow us our lifelong.

We hope our example will tempt others to follow in our footsteps.

You can POWER Our Mission

The mission of Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization is to enhance the quality of life for the entire community by helping Youth and women to remain in the village by offering social and pay activities maintaining a close relationship with the environment protection.

We aim to do this by creating a network of supports following the Village model to make a long-term affordable option.

New Ideas

Promotion of the group abroad.

Keeping our Culture and Heritage alive. Sharing our legacy from the past and we pass on to future generations all over North Leeward's communities.



RHCDO News                           

Latest projects in the process for 2016


Creation of Rose Hall Eco Daytour.

Starting of the project: Rehabiliation of Rose Hall Riverside and Building of Sustainable livelihood.